Health Is An Integrative Process

Derived from ancient greek, ”εὖ” Synthesis symbolizes the integration that is health and wellness. With focus on movement, nutrition, and lifestyle we help our clients find their balance and embrace a healthier and fuller life based on their goals and needs.

Finding ways

Online Coaching

As always and especially now in relation to Covid-19 we provide all of our services online.

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Creating functional patterns

Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

Our exercise services are catered for individuals looking to correct muscular imbalances, regain freedom of movement, improve their athletic performance, gain lean body mass or simply lose weight. Also available remotely.

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Nutritional Consultation
Nourishing body & soul

Nutrition & Diet Consultation

Our nutritional services are created for the individual who wants to improve their performance, lose weight, gain lean body mass or simply want to feel better by eating better. Also available remotely.

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Living Optimally

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Our health & lifestyle coaching combines behavior consultation with appropriate movement, nutrition and lifestyle habits to offer clients a complete package on how to better manage their lives utilizing the spectrum of mental and physical tools. Also available remotely.

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